Carter County Commission - Committees & Boards

Departments & Services



Chairman, Carter County Commission

Tom Bowers


County Mayor

Leon Humphrey


Budget; Nominating; Legal; Industry; Reapportionment; Capital; Projects (Capital Projects to include County Mayor and Director of Schools)

Lawrence Hodge

Nancy J. Brown

Charlie Bayless

Tom Bowers

Harry Sisk, Chairman Budget, Nominating

Steve Chambers

Sonja Culler

William Armstrong


Rules & By-Laws; Building & Grounds; Law Enforcement; Health & Welfare; Recreation; Judicial

Buford Peters, Chairman Law Enforcement

Richard Winters

Ronnie Trivett, Chairman, Rules & Bylaws

Jo Ann Blankenship, Chairman Health & Welfare

Scott Sams

Ken Arney

Robert Gobble

L.C. Tester, Chairman Building & Grounds


Education; Utilities; Cable; Highway; Special Investigations; Solid Waste/Landfill

Buford Peters, Chairman Highway

Charles Von Cannon, Chairman Special Investigation

Steve Lowrance, Chairman Education

Pat Hicks, Chairman Utilities, Cable

Joel Street, Chairman Solid Waste, Landfill

Bobbie Gouge-Dietz

John G. Lewis

Sonja Culler


Work Release / Grievence

Sheriff Appointment

Charles D. Von Cannon

Roger Deal


Pat Hicks

Russell Kyte

Sonja Culler


Beer Board

(1 Year appointment, October)

Tom Bowers, Chairman

Steve Chambers

JoAnn Blankenship

Scott Sams

Lawrence Hodge

Bobbie Gouge-Dietz


Industrial Development Board

Phil Issacs, Chairman

Ken Kelly

Jim Barker

Carol Chase, Sec

Chris Guy

Eddie Carver

Shirley McGee

Judy Veeneman

Bill Cline, Vice Chair

Joe LaPorte


Health and Educational Facilities Board

(2 Year Term Nomination by Co. Mayor)

Conway Hyder

Jack Pearman

William L. Armstrong

Steven Payne

Nancy Jenkins

Pat Holtsclaw

Joe Alexander


Carter County Board of Education

Donald Julian

Craig Davis

Jerry McMahan

David Buck

Bobby Blevins

Kelly Crain

Rusty Barnett

Ronnie McAmis, Chairman

Kevin Ward, Director of Education


Library Board

(3 Year Term, expires 6/30)

Harry Ford, Chairman

Alta Barwick

Ruth Ritchie

Connie Blevins

Nancy Gastineau

John Tolejko

Dan Winters

Dr. Kevin Ward

Jo Ann Blankenship - County Liaison Member


Election Commission

Paul Souder

Buddy Whitehead, Chairman

Wayne Smith

Doug Buckles

Millard M. Garland


Carter County Board of Health

Dr. Jerry Gastineau, Chairman

Dr. Andrew Stephen May

Ms. Caroline Hurt, Director, Health Dept.

Mr. Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

Dr. Kevin Ward, Director of Schools

Ms. Maureen Burniston, R.N.

Dr. Douglas Cole, DDS

Mr. Larry Profitt, DPh

Jo Ann Blankenship, Carter County Commission Liaison


Carter County Emergency 911 Board of Directors

(T.C.A. 7-86-105, Appointment by County Mayor, Confirmation by County Commission)

Steve Lowe, At Large

Kelly Geagley, City

Chris Mathes, Sheriff

Greg Workman, Police Chief

Bill Carter, Fire Dept.

Barry Carrier, Fire Assoc.

Terry Arnold, R. Squad

Mike Shouse, Vice Chairman

Andrew Worley, Chairman

Jack Perkins, Hwy. Supt (Ex-Officio)


Carter County Parks & Recreation Board

(Appointment by the County Mayor; Confirmation by the County Commission)

Buford Peters, County Liaison Member

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

Charles E. Dykes, Chairman

Gary Eggers

Carol White

J.R. Campbell


Animal Control Board

(5 members, 3 year term)

(County Commission Appointment)

Bob White, County Appointee/Chairman

William Armstrong, County Designee

Sam Shipley, City Designee

Caroline Hurt, Health Director

Hattie Skeans, City of Watauga

Nancy Brown, County Commission


Audit Committee

Travis Holly

Margaret Moses

Margaret Pate

David Wortman


Vice Chairman

Jo Ann Blankenship


County Attorney

(Sept. 2012, Elected in April 2010)

Keith Bowers


County Historian

Donald Scott Bowers


Jail Information / Research Committee

William Armstrong, Chairman

Lawrence Hodge

Joel Street

Jo Ann Blankenship

Tom Bowers

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor


Carter County Tomorrow Development Board

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

Steve Lowrance, (2 Members)

Sonja Culler


Civil Service Board

(3 Year Term) October TCA 8-30-102

Brad Johnson

John D. Snyder

Jim Whaley


County Coroner

(2 Year Term)

Benny Colbaugh

Jim Burrow, Assistant

Powell Ellis, Assistant


Equalization Board

(2 Year Term, Elected even years)

Melvin Jack - May 2015

Cathy Milhorn - May 2015

Jerry Bowers - May 2016

Bob Alley - May 2016

Terry Montgomery (City) - March 2015


Judicial Commissioners

(Terms staggered, 4 year term)

Mark Little

Bobby Huffman

Suzanne Gaylon

Mike Peters


Planning Commission

(County Mayor Appointment, Commission Confirmation)

Steven Pierce, Chairman

Bob Lee Townsend

Richard Winters

Bill Armstrong

Tom Bowers, CC Commission Chairman

Jamie Hughes

Ralph Watson

Jerry Smith

Mary Ann Patton

James Russell Kyte

Steve Chambers

Jerry Pearman


Records Commission

Judge Jean Stanley

Dr. Margaret Houghland (Genealogist)

Jodi Bristol - Register of Deeds

Patsy Lewis - County Clerk Designee

Ronnie Trivett, Commissioner

Scott Sams, Commissioner

Scott Bowers, Historian


Accident Review Board, ADA Grievence Board, ADA Board

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

Andrew Worley, ADA/Title VI Coordinator

Ken Arney, Commissioner

Sheriff's Dept. Representative

Highway Dept. Representative

Phillip Nave, School Dept.

Debbie Street, Courthouse/Annex


Municipal Solid Waste BD

Benny Lyons

Joel Street


Agriculture Committee

(2 yr. Term)

Harry Sisk

Joel Street

Buddy Farmer

Shirley Buckles

Terry Hubbard

Ronnie Hazelwood

Sonja Culler


Soil Conservation Board

(3 year term, April)

John Hardin

Larry Crumley

Bill Birchfield

Gereel Cable


Board of Zoning Appeals

(Commission Election, 4 yr. Term October)(T.C.A. 13-7-106)

Jeff Treadway

Brad Johnson

Curtis Cannon

L.C. Tester

David Sandora


East TN Railroad Authority

William L. Armstrong, Carter County

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

City Manager, Elizabethton City Manager

Curt Alexander, City Appointment

Skip Oldham, W. County, Chairman

Ralph Van Brocklin, Johnson City Mayor

Stephen Darden, Johnson City Designee

Dan Eldridge, Washington County Mayor


Animal Shelter Advisory Board

Mike Barnett, Chairman

Bob White, Vice Chairman

April Jones, Animal Shelter Director

Leon Humphrey, County Designee

Sam Shipley, City Designee

Wayne "Red" Buckles, City Designee

John Bland, Friends of Animal Shelter Rep


Watauga River Regional Water Authority

Board of Directors

Johnny Mills, Chairman North Eliz Utility

Ray Lyons, South Eliz Utility

A.E. Gentry, Treasurer, Siam Utility

Leon Humphrey, County Mayor

Bryon Trantham, Executive Director

Earl Birchfield


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