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Under state law, the County Clerk serves as the clerk of the county’s legislative body (County Commission). As such, they are tasked with all of the administrative duties related to the Commission, such as the recording of minutes, publishing of agendas, and providing adequate public notice of meetings. If you have questions regarding when and where meeting notices and agendas are posted, you need to contact the office of County Clerk Mary Gouge. You can reach her office by email to or by calling 423-542-1815.




The following videos are recorded live at our Monthly Commission Meetings.

The latest Commission Meeting Video is linked here.




To view older meetings please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here: Carter County TN YouTube


FY2023 Budget Hearings





Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic some scheduled meetings of the Carter County Commission and/or its committees may be held electronically to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Those meetings will be displayed here.

Animal Shelter Board 04-13-2021

Landfill & Education Committees 04-05-2021

Highway Committee 04-01-2021

Law Enforcement; Buildings & Grounds; Rules & Bylaws; Health & Welfare Committees 03-02-2021

Homeless Task Force 02/25/2021

Homeless Task Force 02/11/2021

Animal Shelter Board 02/09/2021

Budget and Nominating Committees 02/08/2021

Law Enforcement, Health & Welfare, Rules & Bylaws, and Buildings & Grounds Committees 02-02-2021

Education & Landfill Committees 02-01-2021

Financial Management Committee 02-01-2021

Joint Economic and Community Development Board

Joint Workshop Session with County Commission and City Council

Animal Shelter Board meeting 01-12-2021

Budget and Nominating Committees 01-11-2021

Buildings & Grounds; Health & Welfare; Rules & Bylaws; Law Enforcement Committees 01-05-2021

Education and Landfill Committees 01-04-2021

Financial Management 01-04-2021

Commission Workshop Session 12-15-2020

Budget and Nominating Committees 12-14-2020

Animal Shelter Board 12-08-2020

Education & Landfill Committees 12-07-2020

Financial Management Committee 12-07-2020

Highway Committee 12-03-2020

Health & Welfare; Buildings & Grounds; Rules & Bylaws; Law Enforcement Committees 12-01-2020

Carter County EMA Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Meeting 11-17-2020

Homeless Task Force 11-12-2020

Animal Shelter Board 11-10-2020

Agriculture Committee 11-10-2020

Budget and Nominating Committees 11-09-2020

Buildings & Grounds; Health & Welfare; Rules & Bylaws; Law Enforcement Committees 11-05-2020

Highway Committee 11-05-2020

Landfill & Education Committees 11-02-2020

Financial Management Committee 11-02-2020

Special Called Commission Workshop – Discussion on In Person Meetings – 10-28-2020

Health & Welfare Committee – Broadband Discussion – 10-15-2020

Animal Shelter Board Meeting 10-13-2020

Budget and Nominating Committees 10-12-2020

Landfill and Education Committees 10-05-2020

Financial Management Committee 10-05-2020

Highway Committee 10-01-2020

Budget & Nominating Committees 09-14-2020

Financial Management 09-14-2020

Animal Shelter Board for 09-08-2020

Highway and Landfill Committee Meetings for 09-03-2020

Health & Welfare; Rules & Bylaws; Buildings & Grounds; Law Enforcement Committees 09-01-2020

SPECIAL CALLED Buildings & Grounds Committee 08-24-2020

Health & Welfare Committee 08-18-2020

**NOTE** This is a continuation of the Health & Welfare Committee meeting from 08-04-2020 which was recessed until 08-18-2020.

Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter Board 08-11-2020

Budget and Nominating Committees 08-10-2020

Health & Welfare; Law Enforcement; Rules & Bylaws; Buildings & Grounds Committees 08-04-2020

Agriculture Committee 08-04-2020

Education & Landfill Committees 08-03-2020

Financial Management Committee 08-03-2020

Broadband Grant meeting 07-24-2020

Landfill and Education Committees 07-06-2020

Nominating Committee 05-11-2020


Budget Committee & Budget Hearing – 05-11-2020


Buildings & Grounds Committee – 05-05-2020

Health & Welfare Committee – 05-05-2020

Beer Board – 04-23-2020

Budget Committee – 04-20-2020


Below are the Budget Hearings for FY2020-21:



Planning Commission Meetings

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