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Contract signed for Dry Hollow water project, construction slated to begin in December

Local officials gather for the contract signing to begin construction on the Dry Hollow water project. Pictured are:
Seated in first row: First Utility District Board Chairman David Bowers, FUD Board Member Phillip Taylor, and FUD Board Member Keith Bowers Sr.
Standing in back row: FUD General Manager John Nidiffer, David Wykle of W&W Engineering, Ken Rea of First Tennessee Development District, Jimmy Hayes of Hayes Contracting, Carter County Mayor Patty Woodby, County Commissioner Mark Blevins, and State Senator Rusty Crowe.

Local officials gathered Tuesday afternoon to sign the contract for a project years in the making to get water to an underserved area in Carter County.
“I want to thank everyone for working together to make this happen,” said Carter County Mayor Patty Woodby. “This project really pulled on my heart strings. I grew up in Little Milligan, so I know what it’s like to go without water.”
The project will provide clean water to residents in the Dry Hollow community in Stoney Creek. The residents in the area previously used a private water system which became contaminated and State officials ordered the system to cease operation.
The First Utility District, which serves Stoney Creek, was willing to take the residents onto their system, but the construction costs were going to be more than the utility could afford on its own. Carter County applied for and received a Community Development Block Grant which covered nearly half the total cost of the project. The estimated total cost for the project is $647,000. Of that amount, $363,750 will be covered by the CDBG grant, leaving the local share of the cost at $283,250. The local share was funded using money received by Carter County as part of the American Rescue Plan federal funds designated for utilities and infrastructure.
“It has been a blessing for everyone to come together and make this happen so we didn’t have to pass the costs of this on to the customers,” said David Bowers, Chairman of the Board for First Utility District.
State Senator Rusty Crowe praised the teamwork in Carter County that helped make the project a reality.
“I want to thank Mayor Woodby and the Commission for making this happen,” Senator Crowe said. “I have to say Mayor Woodby has really pushed us hard to make this happen.”
“This is a great opportunity for us with this federal funding,” Senator Crowe added. “We will never have this kind of money to use again, and I cannot think of a better use than waterlines. Even with all the technology available in this day an age, we still have people without clean water.”
Both Mayor Woodby and Senator Crowe spoke regarding previous community leaders who have worked over the years to help get clean water to residents in this community.
The project began under the previous Carter County Mayor, the late Rusty Barnett.
“This was something he was very passionate about,” Mayor Woodby said. “I am proud to have been able to see this through.”
Getting reliable, clean drinking water for residents in the Dry Hollow area was something that former State Representative the late Ralph Cole hoped to achieve, according to Senator Crowe.
“Ralph really wanted this to happen,” Senator Crowe said. “He would be here today hugging everyone.”
The contract for construction of the new water lines was awarded to Hayes Contracting. Jimmy Hayes told those in attendance at the contract signing that they hope to begin construction in mid-December and the estimated construction time for the project is 150 days.